A·B·D Quick Reference

Learning Profile

A student learning profile is a representation of learning achievement for specific content objectives. The report compares a student's actual achieved learning by content item to a planned level of achievement - a plan vs. actual report. This is a central A·B·D system feature that is implemented with drill-down capability to reveal learning gaps at levels that are direct reading and actionable by teachers, students and parents.

The actual student data is simply a record of observations and measurements of achievement using a cognitive scale. The key is recording that data at fine-grained, teachable and measureable content levels.

The plan data for comparison could be any number of plans, but commonly, course content through the last taught lesson. This profile answers the question, has the student learned what has been taught so far in this course?

Using other plans, you might ask, does this student have the prerequisite knowledge and skills to succeed in this course? Or, by summing all student in a class, should we proceed with the next lesson, reteach or look to help individual students?