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Content from Multiple Sources
Not all content gomes from standards. Using our tools, you can easily define operational level content from any source.

Knowledge & Skill Sources

Our system provides support to easily deconstruct standards and identify operational content to make this complex task more efficient. Most importantly, the results can be shared with professional community groups you create or join. This means that teachers no longer need to do this work alone. And after it's done once, new teachers won't be saddled with this onorus task.

Like the standards, the system also provides support to break down and link up operational level content from assessment materials. This is most useful for analyzing released or sample test items. It allows you to ensure that the derived content is part of your instruction plan. During instruction, the actual test item can be used as part of an assessment you construct from items in the library. We help connect all the dots and eliminate the need to literally teach to the test.

In addition, the system allows you to add any content you want from any source including local standards and reference materials.

Operational Content Sources:Our system helps derive, collect and organize operational content from virtually any source including local content objectives and your own preferences.  

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